Holeman And Finch Baked Goods Are At Savor Specialty Foods

Ah… last night was a good night.  Amongst the many jewels of information that were passed around, I found out that a complete lineup of goods from Holeman & Finch Bakery are served up at nearby Savor Specialty Foods.  Here’s the breakdown:

Approximately a month ago, H&F Bakery closed its doors to the public.  However, the bakery still has a full array of goods available for wholesale.  Savor, which sits in the Peachtree Battle Shopping Center just up the street from H&F, decided to get in on the action.  Though I haven’t actually been to Savor since HnFB’s pseudo shutdown, I will say that I have always enjoyed their selection of gourmet goods and a good bit of the grub.  Included in the selection at Savor are  cookbooks, cookware, spices, mustards, and so forth.  Meanwhile, they also have a food counter where they serve up things like cured meats, cheeses, fruit salads, chicken salads, and freshly made sandwiches.  Last but not least, they also provide a catering service, though I’ve never tried it.

According to the gang at Holeman, most everything that could be had at the bakery is now up the street.

Savor Specialty Foods Address & Information

2355 Peachtree Rd NE Atlanta, GA 30305 // 404.869.0070 // Savory website // Savor menus

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