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CBS Sunday Morning

On most any given Sunday, you’ll find me somewhere other than in front of my TV (usually in bed or at brunch).  However, a few weeks ago, I was told that CBS’ Sunday morning news program, aptly named Sunday Morning, aired their annual Food Issue.  Though I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve watched the vignette styled news program, I made it a point to set my DVR.  Here’s a recap of the episode, complete with its own tip of the hat to the ATL.

Segment 1: Fighting Hunger in a Land of Plenty


A brief recap discussing food banks, the hunger epidemic, and the community that has popped up to support those in need.

Segment 2: Science and Food with Alton Brown


Atlanta’s Alton Brown has made quite the name for himself over on the Food Network.  His one part film, one part cooking, one part science shows have been one of the major reasons FN has blown up.  Currently, he cooks for a show named Good Eats … which you should definitely check out if you haven’t seen it.

Segment 3: Bobby Flay on Sliders


Bobby Flay is one of the more notable celebrity chefs.  Burgers, and by extension sliders, are one of the more notable foods.  Speaking specifically to sliders, these little bite sized morsels have caught on here in Atlanta and the rest of the country.  Check out the article to see what the fuss is all about.

Segment 4: Cooking For One


You’ll probably notice that I eat out A LOT.  A big reason for this is that it’s just plain hard to cook for one person.  Still, it’s not like it’s impossible.  Thankfully, we have Judith Jones to show us the way.

Segment 5: Mac and Cheese


While even a food snob like myself can appreciate the deliciousness that is Velveeta Shells & Cheese, that doesn’t mean that a gourmet take on this American staple goes unnoticed.  Visits included NYC’s Mac Bar and the Waverly Inn.  Mmmm … fattening!

Segment 6: Wilma Stephenson


Wilma Stephenson is a culinary teacher.  Okay … doesn’t sound that impressive does it?  She teaches at Frankford High School in inner city Philly.  Okay, interesting … but so what?  Well, she just happens to be an über bad ass.  When she was featured in the documentary Pressure Cooker, you just knew this woman was a force to be reckoned with.  If you haven’t seen it, don’t even bother reading reviews … make sure you reserve a copy of the DVD or add it to your Netflix wishlist.

Segment 7: Knifemaker Bob Kramer

Segment 8: Mmmm … Pie … FOR LIFE!!!!


Segment 9: Cooking Shows Meet Religion

Segment 10: Mo Rocca on Mexican Hot Dogs

This one leaves even me … speechless!!!  Mo Rocca is hilarious … Mexican food is good … and Mexican Hot Dogs are AMAZING!  Who doesn’t love a Latin weenie.

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