Gato Bizco Café: Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit Gets Kid Tested … Buddha Approved [Updates]

Alright … done with the awws and “how cute is she” declarative questions? Good! Now let’s get it on!

You see, this isn’t so much a review as it is a not so subtle smack over the breakfast burrito reminding you that Gato Bizco Café in Candler Park is where it’s at.  Having survived my nubile attempts at restaurant chatter, Gato Bizco remains one of my go-to breakfast spots in Atlanta.  Folks – have I told you before that getting me to rise before 10am is an exercise in futility?  Only the most seductive temptresses can coax me from my slumber.  Well, that and the promise of a breakfast like the one at hand.  Back in the stream of conscious: Gato Bizco lays a serious beat down to that disaster across the street (which has spread like a fungus).

gato bisco cafe digsMeanwhile, the digs have been scrubbed.  But fear not …Gato still has its slightly off-center charm.  Ah yes, but despite the potential for a long but understandable wait, here’s the real reason for chatting you up this fine Monday morning: ooey, gooey, gi-normous  biscuits filled with straight up egg, sausage, and cheese!  LOTS AND LOTS OF CHEESE! 

Forget the idea of farm to table organic sustainability.  Shrug … maybe this stuff is all that, but I’m gonna go with NO. (And let’s be honest … have I ever been wrong about anything ever?) You see … the only things fluffy here are the biscuits.  That’s right folks, this is straight up gut busting breakfast American.  So suck on this and try not to choke on your oo’s and aaah’s!



ooey sausage egg and cheese biscuit


With the Penguin subdued by my best Adam West, I turned to the left to find this dude doing a little strip tease:

gato bizco - he likes it

… probably because he ate one of these bad boys!

Yeah, these puppies aren’t cheap, but they are the size of some burgers from around town.  Oh, and just as I suspected … the biscuits are imported.  They come courtesy of Decatur stalwart Pastries A Go Go (235 Ponce De Leon Pl Decatur, GA 30030).  Want another reason to salivate before noon?  Check out Pastries’ website!  Yes, kick my ass and call me foodie!

While droves of duped denizens drift in and out of consciousness waiting for craptastic “goodies” at The Flying Biscuit … you too can sit across the street and snicker at them knowing that you’ve just laid the biscuit smack down…

Buddha … OUT!

(ps – to the kind parents who let me entertain their children … many thanks!  I think I like kids so much cuz I’m just a big one myself)

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