Make Your McRib Fancy

Fancy McRib & Filet-O-Fish Part 1
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McDonald’s decision to bring back the McRib has absolutely inundated food news over the past few days.  Even mainstream media lamed things up with their coverage and there has been a surge of new “make your own McRib” posts going up.  So why did I jump on the band wagon? B/c the McRib is just another fantastic opportunity for me to direct y’all to Fancy Fast Food, a website I’ve mentioned before.

With all the brouhaha over the re-launch of this “cult classic,” it’s nice to find a somewhat unique twist on the story.  Basically, Fancy Fast Food is a website (and now a cookbook that you can buy on amazon) dedicated to remixing your favorite fast food dishes.  Erik Trinidad takes what was once homely and depressing and re-engineers it into something beautiful.  In the case of the McRib (pictured above with a few other Chez Mac classics), FFF has put together a Hawaiian Thanksgiving feast.  Though I have yet to try the recipe, I would recommend replacing the bottled water with a more “natural” option.  Other than that, it looks good to me!  With all the McRib obsession, who says we’re in a health conscious era?

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