Holeman & Finch Bread Rising Again [Openings]

Holeman & Finch Bread Company is indeed reopening to the public and it appears that this bun is just about done in the oven.  So start your wave, erupt in cheers, dance in the streets, and throw down a flash mob … because that sweet deliciousness we’ve been forced to seek out at farmers markets and specialty shops is about to be much more accessible … again!

For those unaware, for the past few years bread savant Rob Alexander (@robmalexander) has been baking up H&F Bread Co. goodies for many Atlanta restaurants (roughly 60 last time I counted).  That’s a huge number and I suspect it’s even bigger now.  Mind you, I’m not surprised as the granular gold be good and tasty.

When the bakery first got going, common folk like you and me could walk into the little shop in Brookwood Hills/Peachtree Hills (it was next to their mother ship) and shop until Dr. Atkins rolled in his grave several times over.  For a multitude of reasons, that didn’t work out so well and the retail shop shuttered approximately 2-years ago.  Boo … hiss!!!!

In the middle of last year, Eater legitimized the rampant rumors that H&F Bread Co. intended to relocate over to Elseworth Industrial (address unknown but somewhere in the vicinity of Restaurant Depot) and relaunch their retail.  Now, as we waddle through the cold part of the year, H&F Bread is fast approaching that time when John Q. Public can walk in freely.  I asked a couple of the owners via email if they had a specific date, and one person responded early this morning with “Not yet, but when all is solid, I will certainly let you know.”  Word around the campfire According to a comment on H&F Bread’s facebook page, it’s looking mid-February is the goal for go time.  UPDATE: Gina Hopkins supplemented her partners information by saying the following

We’re working on a little space over there. Due to open in early spring. More soon! 

In the meantime our bread will be available at our H&F Pop up market at the public house Saturday mornings 9-11.

Happy New Year!

So we’ll just say it’s imminently pending!

In the event that you’ve never tried their crack bread, might I suggest you get yourself some hot dog buns and find yourself a safe place for you to indulge and roll around without fear of theft … they are the best I’ve had … anywhere … ever!

For more on the bread, check out HFBreadCo.com, @HFBreadCo, and HFBC facebook. Picture of Head Baker Rob Alexander via HF FB.

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