Danny Bowien BATON Dinner Is Sold Out


The playfully named upcoming Meat & Three BATON Supper Series dinner has sold out.  However, I’m not writing this as a neener neener to those who did not secure a seat (welcome to my club); but instead, I am telling people who planned on taking advantage of the walk-in service that BATON’s plans have changed and that feature is no longer an option.

According to Moses Archuleta (who runs BATON along with Bryson Tedford), the counter is now for reservations only.  However, the Monday night music act is still free for everyone.  Suggested arrival time for that is 10:45 and there will be a single menu item available for purchase to those who show up then.

As for those who will be seated at the counter, it doesn’t sound like the à la carte menu is still available.  I was told:

It may or may not be the same menu, haha. We will figure it out one way or another the days leading up to it. But it shouldn’t end up costing anymore, regardless.

I’m curious to hear what happens there.  I can’t imagine it would be a good idea to complicate service with unique offerings … but even with that apprehensive thought, I would be no less enthused to see what was what.  BATON has earned my trust in the two meals I’ve had … so why expect anything different here.

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