BATON Supper Series: Ramen Time with Ivan Orkin

Gato Tokyo Bizco

When I told Spark Plug not to leave the city this month, I meant it.  Did she listen? No, no she didn’t.  When she reads this, am I going to get an international phone call shortly thereafter at which time I will be dressed down? Admittedly, I did not tell her exactly why … so for that I’ll grant her a brief reprieve. [yes, I can keep secrets y’all, even from my best of friends].  But let’s move on and stop twisting the knife in that poor girl’s heart.  Her loss is our gain (as an extra-seat is available).

BATON Supper Club at Candler Park’s Gato Bizco Café is back (for Monday, June 25th and Tuesday, June 26th) and this one might be the biggest coup yet! [I feel like I say that every time they announce one of those things].

Now that my reservations are in place, I am happy to share with y’all the details for the latest rendition of the show.

Ivan Orkin / Ivan Ramen

The man: Ivan Orkin.  The restaurant: Ivan Ramen.  The food: Ramen, that delicious Japanese noodle soup that might just be the very reason I exist in this world.  The short little history is something like this: Orkin is a gaijin (offensive word for white person); he hails from the Long Island that is New York but now owns and operates Ivan Ramen in the bustling metropolis of Tokyo.  He is, without question, one of the biggest names in ramen, National heritage notwithstanding.  If you only sit on the fringes of food culture and don’t feel like answering the question for yourself, just take my word that you need to go to this.

Eat at BATON or Die

While that heading might seem extreme, it’s actually true.  If you don’t eat, you will die (shocking I know).  So you might as well kill two birds with one stone and grab some dericious ramen at this supper club of ever-changing badassery.  Here’s the subtle text:

A supper club that rules the roost at Gato Bizco two nights a month, BATON has been going strong since its inception late last year.  There’s always a bit of mystery behind the endeavor and sometimes the details and specifics change between the time it’s announced and the days of reckoning.  However, the dinners are always cash only and the listed cost doesn’t include beverages or tip … so please keep that in mind.

baton dinner 7

Monday, June 25 & Tuesday June 26th, 2012

  • Reservations available from 6pm – 10pm – fixed menu $40/person
  • 10pm-12am à la carte ramen bowls

CASH ONLY!!!!! Tip & beverages not included in prices above.

For reservation availability please email BATON.


1660 McLendon Ave NE Atlanta, GA 30307 // website // reservations

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