Kevin Gillespie: New Restaurant Going Brake-O For Barbecue [Openings]?


Kevin Gillespie is easily one of the most talked about culinarians in Atlanta.  His showing on Top Chef is a big reason why droves of people now lineup at Woodfire Grill to sample his cuisine.  Meanwhile, his delicious grub keeps people coming back for more.  He’s so popular that I get a near daily report of a Kevin-sighting (the latest being at my beloved Gato Bizco – thanks Lilly!).

Yes, it’s true … people can’t get enough of Kevin.  In fact, exactly one-month prior to this posting, Jennifer Brett interviewed KG on her AJC blog.   In that postification of insights, innuendos, and implications, Kevin confirmed what many in the foodie circles had already heard: he’s hell bent on opening a barbecue inspired restaurant.  As these things tend to go, information has oozed out like jelly from your favorite doughnut.

A few days back, Food and Wine confirmed via their blog that this yet-to-be-named destination is scheduled to open in November.  They also let it be known that Kevin’s modus operandi will be in full effect.  The restaurant will feature two roasted pigs (of the Berkshire persuasion) roasted fresh each day; with each, KG plans to serve up a full bevy of meaterific options.  As the Scottie Pippen to the Jordan-esc pigs, there will be a bevy of rotating side items.  As logic would follow, hours will be somewhat haphazard … cuz when the pork is gone, you’ll hear Porky sputtering out “That’s All Folks!”

What they didn’t mention was the location for the latest entrant into the Dirty South barbecue scene.  Turns out, the restaurant is scheduled to go in at 1903 Piedmont Circle (the corner of Piedmont and Piedmont Circle).  Those with a keen understanding of Atlanta geography (or the ability to read blog titles) will know that this location previously housed a Brake-O Automotive Center.  It’s not all that surprising when you consider that Woodfire Grill is just a 1/10th of a mile away.  The deal isn’t set in stone yet, so things could fall apart.

Given that the building already has some garage doors in place, I suspect the decor will go the way of Leon’s Full Service.  Continuing down this road of supposition, it seems this will be a casual establishment of the people for the people.  Time will tell.  While you wait, why don’t you check out Kevin’s answers for the Inside The Chef’s Kitchen series?

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