Hankook Taqueria And Korean Tacos Get Mainstream Love

hankook taqueria - tacos

Just a few days ago, I stepped back into Hankook Taqueria and had a fairly flat experience.  I’m actually working on that post as we speak.  However, owner Tomas Lee just got a whole heck of a lot of attention for his Hankook Taqueria and their Yumbii Taco Truck that is sure to bring them a lot of attention.  The chef was the lead chef mentioned in today’s article in the New York Times about Korean Tacos.

While the article doesn’t actually review the quality of the food at the various establishments it mentions, it’s a good summary text for those not familiar with the Kogi BBQ story.  My favorite part of the article is the supplement slideshow, though Hankook is nowhere to be found there.  The picture above is from my meal way back in the day.  You can see all the pictures from my meal at Hankook here.  I’ll have some more pictures up soon as well.  Oh, by the way, the author was none other than John T. Edge of Southern Foodways Alliance fame.  You ought to follow him!

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