Atlanta Sweeteries All Over Food & Wine Magazine In September

One of the strange little developments of these here internets is the propensity for print content to show up online before it shows up in the stores.  Next month’s issue of Food & Wine Magazine is no exception.  It features a little ditty on boutique outfits that pump out good grub.  Two Atlantans are featured, and as chance would have it, both are gunning for your sweet tooth.

Kristen hard of Cacao Atlanta showed up to talk about all things chocolate.  You can check out her delectables on the Cacao Atlanta website.  In addition, Kamal Grant, the bane of Homer Simpson’s existence, was featured and chatted up his amazingly awesomely delicious Sublime Doughnuts.

Dear Kristen and Kamal, I’m kind of mad at you making it hard for me to continue my “I don’t like sweets” stance.

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