Attack Of The Killer Tomato Festival [Get Your Tomato On]


It’s Atlanta, it’s July, and it’s tomato season.  That can only mean one thing: it’s time for the annual Attack of the Killer Tomato Festival.  This highly seasonal food festival put on by the fine folks at Georgia Organics returns to the Westside Urban Market and neighboring Westside Provisions District on Sunday, July 17th.  From 1pm-5pm you’ll be able to consume, carouse, and cavort like it’s nobody’s business.

For those unfamiliar with said event, here’s the lowdown.  Basically, a bunch of chefs, farmers, and mixologists get together and put out their best tomato inspired food and drink.  Think of it as the most kid appropriate orgy you will find.

It’s a get it while you can type of event, so I suggest you arrive early and buy your tickets even earlier.  Tickets currently stand at $60 for non-members of GO and $55 for those that do subscribe.  After July 1st, all tickets are $70.

Though prices have gone up since last year, this festival, in my humble and honest opinion, is the best festival in town, bar none.  If that isn’t enough to wet your whistle, check out my recap of last year’s event and/or the Flickr set!

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gerry klaskala's grilled cheese keaster with roof top dried tomatoes, applewood smoked bacon, & chipotle dipping sauce

Once again, the participant list is long on people and fat on talent.  Here’s just a sampling of who will be there:

To help get your drink on, several mixologists (fancy word for people who tend to your drinks) are scheduled to be there as well:

  • Heather Miller of Abattoir
  • Andy Minchow of Holeman & Finch
  • Brian Stanger of Top Floor
  • Paul Calvert of Sound Table

For a full-list of participants, check out the Georgia Organics Event Page

In addition to being a fund raiser, it’s also a competition.  To help decide whose food and drink reign supreme, several foodies with more credentials than you can shake a stick at are on board.  Returning for the weigh-in is Food & Wine Restaurant Editor Kate KraderShe’s one of my favs and it would behoove you to follow her if you’re into that sort of thing.  Also onboard are ATL’s Andrew Knowlton from Bon Appétit, CNN’s Cybil Wallace, and dietitian Carolyn O’Neil.


2011 Attack of The Killer Tomato Festival

When: Sunday, July 17, 2011, 1-5pm
Where: Westside Urban Market (website) // 1198 Howell Mill Rd, Atlanta GA 30318
Tickets: $55 for G.O. members, $60 for non-members.  After July 1st, $70 for everyone!

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