Martin Yan’s Hong Kong Hits Hulu [Free TV]

Chef Martin Yan is best known for his TV Show Yan Can Cook.  If you’ve ever seen it, you’ll remember Yan for his high-energy performances backed by a thick accent and a happy-go-lucky attitude.  Now, … Read more →

Fast Food Gets A Makeover And Goes Fancy On [Laugh Of The Day]

We all know how bad fast food is for us.  We also know how good things can look on TV even if they don’t look good in real life.  In that spirit, a website out … Read more →

Lifehacker’s Online Techie Cookbook

Who says computer geeks can’t cook? is one of my daily reads (as it is for most every other professional in the technology sector).  Every once in a blue moon, they drop something cooking … Read more →

Breaking News: Adam Biderman Out At Holeman & Finch

This has the potential to break my heart.  I, along with every other foodie in ATL, love Holeman & Finch, that über cool English pub in Peachtree Hills.  Well, according to his own facebook status, … Read more →

Foodista Gets Cash, Organizes The International Food Blogger Conference, & Still Fails To Impress

 Foodista is back in the news again.  Last time I checked in, I wasn’t optimistic about the idea of a recipe wiki.  However, a lot has happened in the past few months – but nothing … Read more →

Yelp! Making News: Business Owners Can Now Fight Back

Oh Yelp! … how I do have mixed feelings about you.  I dabble over there and find the site useful (if used with care).  Backed by a staunch and dedicated user base, Yelp has exploded … Read more → Helps Keep Your Food Fresh. Tells You How Long Food Lasts

Well isn’t this just great! Just the other day, I was talking with a friend about how long various types of food lasts. Today, I hear about  The site helps visitors to determine how … Read more →

Laugh Of The Day: What The Heck Is A Scanwich?

Perhaps my quest for a camera is misguided.  Apparently … a scanner works just fine on your food … errr … or so says  Surely this violates health code! That would be an “Eggplant … Read more → Returns…Sort Of has had a handful of problems with the aforementioned upgrade to their website.  For a few days, the new layout was up and running; but, the forums were down.  Now, the old layout is … Read more →

Atlanta Cuisine Redesign Beckons

Atlanta Cuisine is one of my favorite local publications.   Each month, Tom Maicon and his gang put together a fine collection of articles.  In the past, Tom has admitted that their branding is somewhat dated.  … Read more →